TransTel Hybrid IP Communication System

  • Advanced Hybrid IP Telephone System
  • Property Management Interface
    • Micros Opera / Fidelio / Mitel Emulation
  • Emergency Response Services
    • E911 Guest Room Identification
    • Emergency Evacuation / E911 Bumping
  • Simple Voice Guided Guest Features
    • No Training or Service Calls to Front Desk

Excellence In Hospitality Communication Systems

Enhancing Guest Experience & Improving Profit Margins

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It's no great secret with the advent of cell phones and unlimited minutes that many Hotel guests would prefer to use their mobile phone over a Hotel room phone. Hotel telephone systems have become a cost center as opposed to revenue generating profit center from years past. At TransTel, we understand this! We offer Hotel investors the most economical communication solution in the market today. And we NEVER sacrifice on making your Hotel shine in the eyes of your guests by providing industry leading features.

With over 20 years of experience and better than 250,000 systems installed worldwide, you can choose TransTel in confidence that your decision will benefit your Lodging establishment for years to come. Government agencies like the FAA use our systems in Air Traffic Control Towers across the USA. TransTel systems are also used in other military installations, school districts and are a preferred solution for many prominent Hotel chains around the world.

Greatly increase your on-site communications management capacity with lodging systems from TransTel Communications, Inc. We provide best-in-class guest services and improve your profit margins and operating costs.

Easy to use and ideal for five-star Resorts to small motels, our systems offer you a desired mix of administrative and guest telephones along with however many outside lines are needed for your establishment.

The TransTel Hybrid IP System for Hotels is versatile enough to operate in a total standalone mode providing many advanced features including integrated call accounting, feature friendly voice prompts for guest telephone operations and more..........

The TransTel Hotel PABX also integrates with world renowned Micros Opera, Opera Express and Fidelio (PMS) Property Management Systems to provide seamless operations with front and back office.

Regardless of the size of your property or expectations, our TransTel Hybrid IP Communication Solution for the Lodging Industry delivers in value and performance!

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Hours of Operation, Telecommunications Contractor in Jupiter, FL
Hours of Operation, Telecommunications Contractor in Jupiter, FL
Hours of Operation:

Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. EST
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Proudly Providing International Services, including all of North America and South America, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan

About Us

Enhance your motel, hotel, or resort's productivity while saving money and providing more options to guests with TransTel Communications, Inc, a telecommunications manufacturer and developer located in Jupiter, Florida USA.

We have more than 20-years of international experience in the communications and hospitality industries through the manufacture of world-class telephone systems - thousands of which are in operation at this very moment.

TransTel systems are sold, installed and serviced through a worldwide network of authorized dealers.

Ahead of the Curve

TransTel Communications, Inc is a pioneer in Emergency Response Services. For example, if a guest dials 911, we immediately indicate to an Operator which room is in distress so that emergency responders can be dispatched to the exact room of the guest requiring assistance. This system is capable of minimizing property damage and, more importantly, preventing the loss of life. Our platform can perform an Emergency Evacuation service whereby all Guest Rooms will be called and played a special evacuation message in order to expedite exit of your property. Our Emergency Response Services may save Hotel owners on their risk management insurance premium. TransTel systems can also offer Access Control Security Solutions to prevent entry to secure areas of your property.